Attention: Female Corporate Leaders Who Want To Own Your Own Business!

Ready to leave your mark on the world? 

Go from corporate to confident entrepreneur and make it happen

Want a proven way to do more in life without taking crazy risks?

Dream of a new approach to work that makes you feel free?

Frustrated that you just can’t find the time to grow?

I know you can become a legend…

As a woman who has built a career she can be proud of in the corporate world, most people will ask you why you’re even thinking about starting over again. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too, and it actually took me 5 years to make the jump. But I don’t want you to have to wait anywhere near that long.

I know that you can become a legend who leaves her mark on the world and changes the way you live by making one simple shift in your life. To see what I’m talking about, you need to accept your mission…


Female corporate leaders who have been toying with the idea of starting your own business: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create your business launch plan in 8 weeks or less-- while keeping the security of your day job -- so that when you are ready to pull the trigger and leave the corporate world, you can do so with confidence, passion, and financial peace of mind.

Why am I so confident?

If I can do it, you definitely can.

The truth is that it took me years to find the courage to make the switch and become an entrepreneur, but what I’ve learned along the way can accelerate your journey faster than you can imagine.
Through my unique approach I will help you become the legend who leaves her mark on the world in more ways than one. It’s about creating a legacy, building a better future, and believing in yourself like never before:

Now that you’ve got a picture of what I’m talking about, I need to share something vital with you…

  • Dream Big and tell yourself there has to be more than the corporate 9-5 race  
  • Strive For More in a way that allows you to turn your goals into reality 
  • Break Down Barriers so you never have to give in to limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Define Your Moment and show the world that you can see incredible results in just 8 weeks, no matter how hectic life is
Now that you’ve got a picture of what I’m talking about, I need to share something vital with you…

You Will Never Be Alone

From the moment you decide to step forward and embark on your journey towards legendary status, I will be by your side every step of the way. It’s about providing the encouragement, support, and guidance that sets you free to become the game-changing woman you’ve always known you can be.

Once we make that initial connection, you’ll be amazed at what we can do in just 8 short weeks…

Discover Freedom Without Taking Risks 

You read that right! With my proven approach that’s tried and tested in the real world, you really can keep your day job, create a side business, and then use it to set yourself free. That means you still have the security and safety net you need to eliminate stress, but you also have a new focus in your life that energizes you to do more than you ever thought possible. 

Here’s just a few of the ways we can connect to turn you into the legend I know you can be:

Becoming a Legend Training ($4k value) 

Provides a unique opportunity to learn about yourself, create a personal roadmap, and understand how to put it all into practice 

Ask Me Anything Coaching Sessions ($3k value)

Happen twice a month for 3 months so that you can address key issues that will allow you to achieve legendary status 

Training Library ($2k value)

Ensures you have the ability to find all your lessons, worksheets, resources, and video call recordings all in one place 

The Private, Exclusive Facebook Group (Priceless)

That connects you with like-minded entrepreneurs through Facebook so that you can gain inspiration in an instant   


To ensure nothing slows you down as you leave your mark on the world, I want to offer you a truly legendary bundle as an added bonus. Here’s what you’ll get: 

Business Creation Checklist

A Legendary Mentality

  • The Business Creation Checklist
  • ​A Legendary Mentality
  • ​Cash Wasters: What You DON'T Need to Buy as a Startup
  • ​Becoming a Legend Personalized Roadmap
  • ​Your Time Allocation Planning Tool
  • Your Income Planning Tool

Can I give you one piece of advice?

I can tell that if you’ve read this far, you’re the kind of empowered, inspirational woman who loves nothing more than taking action in your life. And because my unique approach allows you to keep your day job so you always have a lucrative safety net, there’s no better time to act than right now.

To prove it to you, I want to make an adjustment to my pricing… 

Was: $9,000+

Now: Only $697!!!

You read that right, so why not take the first step to becoming a legend with nothing more than the click of a button?

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John Smiths
CEO - Company


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Need a quick recap?

When you want to become a legend, you need to be prepared.
Here’s how we’ll work together to make it happen:
  • Exclusive Online Training, that gives you a personal roadmap for success
  • ​Bimonthly Calls, connects you with someone who's already done it
  • Comprehensive Training Library, everything you need    24-7
  • Legend Leaders Access, on Facebook connects you with inspiring women
  • ​Enhanced Security, because you can keep your job and build your business
  • Strategic Approaches to building lucrative new income, entirely risk-free

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John Smiths
CEO - Company


I know you can do this…

As the founder of the Legend Leaders community I know how it feels to make the jump from corporate to confident entrepreneur. Because it took me 5 years to build the confidence and make the switch, I wanted to create a simple pathway for anyone looking to follow in my footsteps.
By bypassing mistakes, avoiding common pitfalls, and learning from other legendary women, we will put you in control so you can go out there and leave your mark on the world. Together, we will show the world what you’re really capable of.

We have a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee!  If after participating in the program, completing the modules, and finalizing your launch roadmap, you find that you have received no value from Becoming a Legend: from Corporate to Confident Entrepreneur, simply contact the Legend Leaders Team and receive a full refund.

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