Master the One Rule in your career  to live life on your terms!
Stop feeling like you have to choose between your career success and your happiness. GET BOTH!
Katrina Jamison: Business & Leadership Strategist
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Thursday, June 9th, 2022 @ 10am - 2pm EST 
A 1-Day, Live, Virtual event created for you!
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This Event Has Been Designed For YOU!

You Do NOT Want To Miss It!

Are you constantly asking yourself: Is this all there is to life?  

You have money, the house, the vacations. But there's still something missing. And yet, you cannot risk your financial security over your personal (maybe even "selfish") desire to feel fulfilled. 

How can you pursue fulfillment at the risk of your career success? Those career achievements pay the bills!  Those achievements keep your family well cared for.  Those achievements are your security.

This is where you get stuck each time you do down this mental path...

But what if there was a way to master "The One Rule" you must maintain that will deliver you job security such that then you can confidently change the other rules and start living life on your terms? Why not truly have both?!

The 1-Day Event "Master the 1 Rule In Your Career to Live Life on Your Terms" Is The Answer!

You Will Learn:

  • Why Achievement Isn’t Enough: You're not crazy, you're not selfish, you're not ungrateful, and you're not alone.  Learn why both achievement and fulfillment are musts for all of us.
  • Actually, You Didn’t Sign Up for This: Identifying the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back both in our careers and in creating life on our terms.
  • ​The 1 Rule: Learn the one rule that once mastered, will make you an irreplaceable asset in your organization, giving you peace of mind, and the ability to have both career success and the ability to pursue fulfillment.
  • ​Believe and Take Action: Create your job security with the 1 rule and then confidently start rewriting the other rules to start living life on your terms. 

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If you're a female corporate leader who has ever thought one or more of the following:

  • "There has to be more to life than this!"  
  • ​"I want to stop working so hard. I want time with my family.  But I can't!  If I back off or take some of my time back, I will lose my job!"
  • "I am getting what I asked for.  I wanted a successful career and financial security, I guess this just how life goes when you get those things."
  • "I want the life I thought I was going to have when I started my career!  Right now I feel like I'm living with regrets because of all the life events I'm missing out on. But if I make the wrong decisions and lose my career, I will regret that even more.  I have to provide for my family. "
  • "Why am I so selfish?  Why can't I just be happy with the career success that I have?  What's wrong with me?  

... this will be the most important event of your LIFE!

You're Not Crazy!  You're Not Alone!  You're Not Selfish!  
Stop Feeling Like You Have to Choose Between Career Success and Happiness!  Get BOTH! 

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How To Leave the Corporate Rat Race On Your Terms

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